Online anonymous Facebook proxy

Without a proxy, the network in which you are connected to will know what your IP address is. Your IP address is a pretty powerful information. It will broadcast your location as well as provide a gateway to your system. The IP address can also leave clues as to your Internet service provider and what kind of browser you are using. If you do not want this information to be accessed by every network you connect to, you can use a Youtube proxy to mask your IP address.

Facebook Proxy For Better Connection

There are a number of web proxies to Facebook which you can find online. These proxy servers are used to cater to repeated requests of the user; therefore, it knows what you want and connects you faster to the site. Also, proxy sites use cache images and data instead of connecting to the service provider, thereby cutting a significant amount of distance to the loop. The use of cache can be beneficial, especially if you are looking to cut down your bandwidth usage.

Facebook Proxy For Security & Privacy

As we have mentioned above, using a Facebook proxy is akin to using a mask before you connect to the network. This does not only protect your IP address, it also gives you shield from malware. Malwares are very dangerous for they can affect your system in a short amount of time. Although some malwares are harmless, there are some which are made to harvest all vital information stored in your computer.

Facebook Proxy For Bypassing Filters

There are some countries which ban access to Facebook and using a Facebook online proxy will help you bypass that. Your real location is not revealed; therefore you can easily connect to Facebook despite geographical limitations.